Pilot Knob Inn

Address: 361 New Pilot Knob Lane Pinnacle, NC 27043    Reservation Line: 1(336)-325-2502   Email: pilotknobinn@surry.net

Additional Packages

$39.99 Romantics Cider/cheese/cracker& truffles
For a perfect night with cheese & crackers 4 types of cheeses Precut sliced cheeses & perfect for stacking on crackers & a full box of crackers Crackers~~ lots of snacking for your night stay ~ Chilled Sparkling Cider & truffles on your pillow top ~~~ for 36.99 Perfect addition to any night stay! You can opt to do this package for 29.99 without the sparkling cider if you perfer to bring wine with you ---- just make a note in your reservation to drop the cider for 29.99

Cheesecake & Cider $16.99
Cheesecake for two & Sparkling cider chilled in frig waiting on you

$12.99 Cheesecake for Two!
Perfect New York Style cheesecake for two you will find awaiting you in frig for only 9.99

This pkg is all the goodies we have to offer in one pkg ~ sparkling cider in frig that will be chilled for toasting ~~ (we always have wine glasses in room) ~~~~ Cheese 4 pkg of fine quality cheeses full box of Crackers ~~~ ~ Choclate Truffles beautifully individually wrapped truffles on bedttop ~~~~ top off the evening cheesecake for two~~~ all this will be awaiting you in your cabin or suite ~~~~ $46.99 (If you perfer Wine instead of the Sparkling Cider you can opt to bring your own choice of wine & drop off the Sparkling Cider for 39.99 --- Just put a note with your reservation! Thanks!